Leadership messages

Dear Shareholders, Customers, Partners and employees,

HVA aims to become a leading investment and financial services company in Vietnam, which has the high quality of services and diversified products, operates in accordance with international standards, has strong competitiveness with domestic and regional companies. HVA commits to provide best services for businesses and organizations by providing strategic solutions, investing, capital mobilization and risk management; supporting and creating the best environmental for business to operate and grow.

With the motto of social connection and development in business, harmonizing interests of enterprises and investors together, HVA is striving on every steps to continuously improve our business strategy and human resources. We constantly improve our organization with a team of dedicated and creative senior managers with good ethics and talent to create a strong and efficiency management system and internal resources to prepare for sustainable development stages and breakthroughs in the future.

We believe that every effort in the work will bring good results and it is the key to be successful. So, every day we constantly strive with all the enthusiasm combined with our knowledge, experience to accomplish future plans. In order to achieve these goals, all HVA’s Board of Directors and employees together work hard, work creative and step by step make HVA become a prestigious brand in the financial market; thereby creating benefits for businesses, organizations, shareholders and contributing value for society.

Thanks and Best regards,

Nguyen Khanh Toan

Chairman of the Broad