Dear Esteemed Shareholders, Customers, Partners and all Employees of HVA Investment Joint Stock Company,

First and foremost, we have determined our ultimate goal, which is to become a leading investment and financial services group in Vietnam, focusing on our two main areas: Banking and Investment Services; and Investing in the Startup and Innovation Field. We are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations, providing quality and innovative products and services.

With this commitment, we aim to provide strategic, investment and risk management solutions to maximally support businesses and organizations. We also constantly strive to create the best environment for business development, aiming to balance business and social benefits.

We believe that success at work will come from our dedication, knowledge and skills. We constantly strive to achieve our future goals. Our Board of Directors and all employees are dedicated, creative and determined to make HVA Investment Joint Stock Company become a prestigious brand in the Vietnamese financial market and contribute more to the development of HVA Investment Joint Stock Company. development of society.

We sincerely thank our Customers/Partners. We are committed to always improving and innovating to serve our goals and the benefit of the community.

Best regards,

Mr. Vuong Le Vinh Nhan

Chairman of the Board of Directors


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