Investment Banking

Investment Banking Service

  1. Investment Banking Overview

Investment banking is a financial service that helps organizations and individuals raise capital and provides financial advisory. Investment banking plays an intermediary role in connecting issuers and investors, supporting businesses in their initial public offerings.

Investment banking is one of the most complex areas in the financial market. It serves many types of businesses with different objectives. Investment banking provides a wide range of financial services, including securities trading, M&A advisory, arranging financial solutions for businesses in M&A, restructuring advisory, thereby increase operational efficiency, profitability and create a solid foundation for implementing IPOs.

  1. Investment Banking Service at HVA

Whenever your enterprise wants to take mergers and acquisitions, partially or fully sell your current investments, raise capital to support business expansion, our diversified services with a professional team, a large network of partners and strong financial strength will help you fully achieve your strategic goals at a reasonable cost.

With the vision of cooperation and development, we focus on building a good, equal and long-term relationship with our customers through our service quality and prestige. Over and above, we look forward to becoming a leading trusted fundraising consultant.

Services we are providing:

+ Equitization advisory

Equitization allows enterprises to apply basic changes to their financial structures in order to raise more capital and develop in a new and effective way. Along with providing support in necessary procedures to comply with legal requirements, we also help enterprises evaluate their activities in a comprehensive manner, providing advisory options to deal with financial problems before the equitization process. When enterprises are qualified, we will propose and develop appropriate equitization plans which match specific needs as well as characteristics of each business.

+ Listing advisory

After equitization and/or becoming a public company, clients can choose to list their stocks on the stock exchange to promote images, brands and especially increase liquidity, introducing their stocks to the market, facilitating the fundraising process in subsequent offerings. Our listing advisory mission is to ensure that our clients can always maintain a smooth listing process, running successful initial public offerings, attract market and investor’s attention. To accomplish that mission, our advisory process always starts with comprehensive listing advice. HVA will help clients standardize their corporate finance, managing businesses and choosing the right stock exchange. In parallel with completing necessary legal procedures, professional information disclosure, we also organize specialized roadshows, introducing investment opportunities to professional and potential investors, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the upcoming stocks.

+ Restructuring advisory

HVA offers a wide range of different restructuring plans depending on the specific needs of clients. Our restructuring advisory service is implemented based on a comprehensive survey and overall assessment with a detailed current status of client. On that basis, we develop feasible restructuring options tailored to the business specification and market context, thereby helping clients adjust and/or build and operate in a new, efficient restructuring plan, optimizing shareholders and stakeholders’ interest.

+ Capital management advisory

Capital management advisory is a traditional service of investment banking. Fundraising tools can be stocks, bonds, convertible bonds, warrants and other types of structured securities which fit market demand and client’s desire.

+ M&A advisory

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is one of the senior advisory services provided by an investment bank. M&A advisory service helps clients take effective mergers and acquisitions for business expansion, develop brands and distribution channels, enhance services and portfolios, create competitive advantage in the market. Such transactions are often large, accounting for a high proportion of corporate capital structure (25% or more), thereby often accompanied by a merger or a radical change in enterprise’s business structure.